The council acts as State Level Center for Development, Promotion and Transfer of Technology and Quality Upgradation through National, International Co-operation, in respect of Micro, Small and Medium, Enterprises of Karnataka. The Technology transfer involves co-operation with units within the country or out side the country. Council also promote such operations in respect of Large Enterprises that have a significant number of ancillary units. Following are the objectives of council.

● Primary objective is to enhance the competitive status of SME's of Karnataka through technological upgradation.

● Catalyzing technology upgradation of SME's through acquisition, adoption and upgradation of modern technology.

● To facilitate Karnataka SME's to plan for their modernization and diversification growth.

● To reduce cost, improve productivity and quality, increase the competitiveness of industry nationally and internationally and go for latest state of art of technology diversification plans to build industry competence and aim at expansion.